Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My two Girls

Here is a shot of my two favorite girls on our local bike path. This is one of the first shots I took and I was so excited about the light until a giant cloud came out of no where and blocked all the sun. It became so dark and cold that we had to head home which depressed my dog Lucy greatly since she had already scouted out a chihuahua about a quarter mile ahead and was intent on going to say hello. It looked like her mischief would have to be saved for another day. No worries- she made sure to eat the garbage when she got home. For her, a day without causing trouble is a day not worth living ;) is a great source of photography tips and tutorials as well as contests. Check it out!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Disney Dreams....

My son's baseball field has a large hill behind it. I don't know if this area attracts more than the usual amount of beautiful sunsets or if baseball games are the only time I sit still enough to notice sunsets! My daughter has come to hate watching her brother's games and I can't blame her because she does get dragged to way too many. By the 5th inning or so she is usually looking for something to do. Never one to miss out on a willing model, I use this time to capture silhouettes. The top of the hill is perfect for a clean horizon line. I am always looking for new shapes and ideas for the silhouettes since you can only do so many jumping pictures! We are both Disney fanatics so we pulled out Mickey and our mouse ears and went to work. 

I absolutely love this photo, but I must admit it also has some negative memories attached as well. Right after the picture she stood up and went to run down the paved path on the hill. Her flip flop tripped her up and she  fell and broke her arm :(  She and I still agree that it is one of our favorites despite the cast and trip to the hospital. Thank goodness it hasn't stopped our trips up the hill, but we now make an effort to take our time going back down :)

There is a great contest by Rock the Shot this month for silhouettes! 
For more info go to . A great place on the web full of information on how to make your photos rock!